Sponsors & Partners

We encourage hosts to work with sponsors and partners. The sponsors and partners can be both local and/or international. Example: a networking event can be sponsored by a local bank but we can also set up a series of 10 events for healthcare professionals in 10 different African capitals sponsored by a player in the field of health care.

To help you in servicing the sponsors/partners, we can offer our hosts several sponsor packages.

Get your sponsor's message to 6,000 African journalists

Our standard sponsor package consists of the following components:

For each event, we are inviting at least 100,000 business professionals (usually more) in our LinkedIn groups through a direct e-mail. This is a very powerful communication tool to attract the visitors to the event venue. In these invitations, the sponsor will be announced.

The sponsor will be mentioned on the event page of this website, but also on that of Africa Business Communities. Not just with a logo but with real and relevant content; could be a combination of text, photos and video.

We will publish a large rectangle banner – 336*280 pixels – from the sponsor/partner on Africa Business Communities and in our newsletters for a period of 1 month. If we have more events and/or more sponsors then this banner position has to be shared – combined banner plus mentioning the sponsor.

We will publish an interview with the sponsor on our website and in our newsletters.

We will always publish and distribute a press release through the Africa Press List about the event. If there are sponsors, we will mention them (quotes).

The sponsor will be allowed to give the participants a goodie bag, or contribute to the goodie bag if there are more sponsors.

After the event, the sponsor can send an e-mail to all participants (by Africa Business Communities)

The sponsor can add five questions to our monthly market research survey among the 15,000 participants of our Africa Business Panel

The sponsor will be allowed to give a brief presentation at the event

The sponsor can provide the event location

The sponsor can distribute 10 free tickets (coupons) to guests

To give you an idea of the visits of our event pages:



Event page visits on Africa Business Communities so far.



Event page visits on Africa Business Communities so far.

Sponsors and presentation time always have to be announced in advance by the hosts, so that the participants know what to expect. The host can offer sponsors/partners the package as mentioned above. The host will pay Africa Business Communities 25% of the fixed price for this package as set by Africa Business Communities and can keep the remaining75%.

Of course, we can expand the package with almost anything that is in our proposition: PR, content publishing, campaigns, recruitment, market research, websites, newsletters, and social media.

Video coverage of an event is an option. We can send the video to 100,000’s of business professionals, with a branded message by the sponsor. Finally, we can organize B2B events as white label, meaning branded by one party eg a sponsor.

Let your sponsor reach at least 100,000 African business professionals with direct mail

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