We facilitate and improve real life networking for professionals engaged in business in Africa

Our online communities of more than 1,000,000 professionals engaged in business in Africa, expressed the need of an offline set-up of connecting with other business professionals.  Africa Business Communities started Africa Networking Events and invites local hosts to cooperate in order to grow to:

  • An informal networking event in every major African city
  • a networking event in every place in the world where investments and African business find each other in the best way
  • the situation that every SME in Africa feels to get the chance to get connected with other business professionals


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Just a regular networking event in a city in Africa or outside Africa, could be a LinkedIn group that wants to meet live, or just a group of people that is interested to meet each other. The event may be combined with lunch, dinner, or drinks,  our mission is to facilitate the real life networking. And the real life networking may be enhanced with online table seating, online organized one-to-one meetings or online pre-registration to get access to workshops.

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