communities blauwNetworking is the central focus of our African B2B events. Business meets business, inside and outside Africa but always about Africa. Less powerpoints and more networking is our philosophy. Easy access and budget friendly. We want SME’s (Smal and Medium Enterprises) to feel welcome and supported in their business contacts. There is abundant economical evidence that approximately 90% of the new jobs are created by SME’s. In the emerging countries even more. Easy access to their fellow entrepreneurs and business leaders, exchange of knowledge and contacts will help them to grow and as such to create the back bone for jobs growth.

Our online communities of more than 1,000,000 professionals engaged in business in Africa, expressed the need of an offline set-up of connecting with other business professionals.  Africa Business Communities started Africa Networking Events and invites local hosts to cooperate in order to grow to:

  • an informal networking event in every major African city
  • a networking event in every place in the world where investments and African business find each other in the best way
  • the situation that every SME in Africa feels to get the chance to get connected with other business professionals

Africa Networking Events offers also the possibility to create a predefined encounter with for example online table seating. People who will attend the event can choose with whom they want to sit at a table, or want to meet one-to one or which workshop they want to attend. Africa Networking Events has a partnership with the company NetworkTables which uses online table/seat configuration for an improved networking experience.

Our SEO optimized responsive site makes the entry barrier for a host to start an B2B event very, very low. It provides the infrastructure for event organizers (hosts) to create a variety of ticket options to accommodate the maximum number of attendees and collect the right fees. An unlimited number of tickets can be configured with many options. With the Africa Networking event-site, you can give visitors a great experience when they register and you can easily collect information from them. You can even have a subdomain on the website for your B2B event in your own look and feel.

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