What kind of events are we facilitating?

What kind of events does Africa Networking Events facilitate to organize?

Well, networking is generally the central focus of our events. Business meets business. Less powerpoints and more networking is our philosophy. B2B events about Africa. We want SME’s to feel welcome. There is abundant economical evidence that approximately 90% of the new jobs are created by SME’s. In the new growing countries even more. Easy access to their fellow entrepreneurs and business leaders, exchange of knowledge and contacts will help them to grow and as such to create the back bone for jobs growth.

People love to meet each other, to have drinks or eat together. We combine that with real life networking for professionals engaged in business in Africa.

Supported but undefined networking encounter

We have two main categories of events. In the undefined category, one can not digitally fix a in advance, seat or a table for a one-to-one meeting or a place at a workshop. You come to the event and have to look for the people you want to meet. We will publish a list of participants so that you know who is coming and we may make your life a bit easier by some practical measures we can organize. For example, if people from differents fields of industry are coming, we may colour the badges per branche differently.


So as to the informal events, we support your networking but we do not organize in advance who you are going to meet.

Informal networking event

Informal B2B events for business professionals engaged in Africa . Easy access, budget friendly.

The Africa Networking Event is our informal and low budget event proposition. Africa Business Communities or a local host has arranged for a location, e.g. a hotel bar and we just invite the people in our social communities. Since we publish registered visitors with a complete profile on our website, everyone knows who is coming and who is interesting to meet from a business perspective. Also with an eye on no-show and real interest, we charge for registration a small administration fee (to cover our expenses – to organize and facilitate the event). The registration gives you a ticket with a QR code. Could be used by the host to scan at the entrance.

Dependent upon the sponsors and the host, there may be a short introduction and some brief presentation, but no longer than 5 minutes each. Everybody has to pay for their own drinks, unless the Host has organized something else, sometimes in cooperation with (one of the) sponsors.

Informal networking event with a theme

Formal networking event with a program

Business meets business, supporting professionals with a mission and who are engaged in business in Africa. The formal networking event is an informal networking event, but with a theme and a program. This program may be coming from the sponsor who wants to address a topic. It is always a B2B event about Africa.

A formal event requires much more planning and preparation, also because the speakers have to be booked in advance, the program communicated and possibly the catering organized.

The formal networking event can be a tailor made event for the sponsor and held at the location of the sponsor.

Predefined networking encounter

The predefined networking encounter event as powered by NetworkTables is perfect for:

The philosophy is as follows:

Bring people together at tables or in specific rooms based on shared interests
Use online table or room seating to improve real life networking.

Participants will be enabled to manage in advance who they are going to meet, with whom they will sit at one table or which workshop they want to attend and with whom.

Lunch or dinner event

Combining real-life networking with a dinner or lunch provides many good opportunities. People can select which table theme is relevant for them and/or with which people they want to sit at a table. A dinner can be divided in more networking encounters at more tables, for example divided over the entrée, main menu and dessert, optimizing the networking experience.

3 steps

Networking event with one-to-one sessions

We imagine that a networking event can be enriched by the possibility that some time is reserved for an one-to-one meeting. We regard it as added value that in some way the participants are supported to meet each other in the most relevant way, by predefining one-to-one sessions. If for example an event is organized for start-ups and financiers, one-to-one meetings can be organized on basis of the interests of the financiers and start-ups.


Networking event with Expert sessions

We imagine that a networking event can be enriched by the possibility that some time is reserved for a moment of knowledge exchange. It can be organized in such way that participants can indicate in advance which themes are relevant to them and book the expert session that fulfills their needs. For the host and the sponsor it is good to know which themes are really of interest to the participants and they can adjust the offer and message accordingly. If for example an event is organized for start-ups, financiers and consultants, the host can organize expert sessions on basis of the indicated need of the participating entrepreneurs.

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