Bring online communities live

Africa Business Communities is a big player as to online communities. The purpose of the Africa networking events is to bring alive our online communities – eg our LinkedIn Groups – and let members engage in face-to-face networking. In doing this, we create an eco-system with both online and offline elements. Our members indicated: online interaction is nice but we also need face-to-face contact.

In order to be able to organize and manage a large number of events we seek cooperation with partners who can act as hosts of our events. In addition, we can facilitate parties with ideas to organize an event about Africa and business.

Why do we work with hosts?

We facilitate Networking Events about Africa everywhere in the world, in Africa but also outside Africa. We expect 150-250 visitors per event and since we have more than 1,000,000 members in our online communities LinkedIn groups , it takes many, many events to have them meet each other live. If we facilitate 100 events per year, that means that only 1-2% of our members have the chance to meet each other each year. In order to pick up this challenging ambition, we need you. You are the entrepreneurial professional that gets energy from the idea of organizing networking events near you. One or two, or a whole range of events.

You are the host.

You see possibilities to organize or have come across to a specific need of an African event near you. Considering the online communities amounting to more than 1,000,000 members, the possibilities of online table seating and the digital infrastructure of the website, you may like to do that together with Africa Business Communities.

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