What is expected from the host?

What is expected from the host?

The role of you as a host may differ per category of event.

We start to describe your role in the category event that is least complex.

Our regular event is an Africa (Business Communities) Networking Event. The Africa Networking Event is our informal, easy access and budget friendly event proposition. Africa Business Communities or a local host start to arrange for a location, e.g. a hotel bar. Since we publish registered visitors with a complete profile on our website, everyone knows who is coming and who is interesting to meet from a business perspective. Also with an eye on no-show and real relevant interest, we charge for registration a small administration fee (just to cover our expenses to organize and facilitate the event). The registration gives you a ticket with a QR code. Could be used by the host to scan with a mobile phone at the entrance.

At this event, there is in principle no program. Dependent upon the sponsors and the host, there may be a short introduction and some brief presentation, but no longer than 5 minutes each. Everybody has to pay for their own drinks, unless the host has organized something else, sometimes in cooperation with (one of the) sponsors.

For this event your role will be as follows:

If the event gets more tailor made or more complex, the role of the host will change accordingly and higher admission fees may be charged. If we provide the participants with food and drinks, the host will take care of the organization of this catering. If there is a program, the host will take care of this as well.

For an event with a predefined networking encounter, the organization by the host is more complex.

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