communities blauwAfrica Business Communities moderates more than 180 LinkedIn groups with a B2B interest in Africa. In this field, we are the biggest player in the world connecting more than 1,000,000 business professionals engaged in Africa. The people in these groups indicated that they want us to bring the LinkedIn communities alive. That is why we facilitate events.

In general, networking is the central focus of our events. Business meets business. Less powerpoints and more networking is our philosophy. We want SME’s to feel welcome. There is abundant economical evidence that approximately 90% of the new jobs are created by SME’s. In the new growing countries even more. Easy access to their fellow entrepreneurs and business leaders, exchange of knowledge and contacts will help them to grow and as such to create the back bone for jobs growth. And above all, we want to do it lean and mean, to establish a budget friendly networking solution.

You may feel attracted to this idea and want to sponsor it since your target group has the same characteristics as described above. For just one event or for a range of events in one country or in more countries.

Or you may want to have a tailor made event for your company.

Either way, we would love to see you contact us:

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