What is the Sponsor Package?

We encourage hosts to work with sponsors and partners.  Dependent upon your target audience and communication goals, sponsoring can be a very effective way of building your brand or promoting your products and services. In general, sponsoring is being perceived as much more sympathetic than regular advertising and has often a more engagement impact with the audience.

We can offer our hosts several sponsor packages. Below, we give a description of our standard package.

Get your message to 6,000 African journalists

Our standard sponsor package consists of the following components:

To give you an idea of the event page reach:

Sponsors and presentation time always have to be announced in advance by the hosts, so that the participants know what to expect. The host can offer sponsors/partners the package as mentioned above.

Of course, we can expand the package with almost anything that is in our proposition: PR, content publishing, campaigns, recruitment, market research, websites, newsletters, and social media.

Video coverage of an event is an option. We can send the video to 100,000’s of business professionals, with a branded message by the sponsor. Finally, we can organize B2B events as white label, meaning branded by one party, the sponsor.

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