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Africa Networking Events

We facilitate B2B networking events in and outside Africa, but always about Africa. You can start an Africa Networking Event or your own Africa B2B event at any place in the world and we will help you with that. Looking for an event near you? Look on the site, register or keep updated by our channels or newsletter. Does it take too long before an event of your choice is organized near you? You may hear yourself thinking, I can do it by myself with the support of Africa Business Communities. Yes you can!

You want to start an African B2B event?

Africa Business Communities gives you direct access and supports the invitation to your event of more than 1,000,000 African movers and shakers powering businesses across many industries. Our B2B online community members includes IT decision makers, executive/upper management, small business owners, business decision makers, financial services professionals, contractors, HR professionals and much more.

Africa Networking Events offers also the possibility to create a predefined encounter with for example online table seating. People who will attend the event can choose with whom they want to sit at a table, or want to meet one-to one or which workshop they want to attend. Africa Networking Events has a partnership with the company NetworkTables which uses online table/seat configuration for an improved networking experience.

Our SEO optimized responsive site makes your entry barrier to start an B2B event very, very low. It provides the infrastructure for event organizers to create a variety of ticket options to accommodate the maximum number of attendees and collect the right fees. An unlimited number of tickets can be configured with many options. With the Africa Networking event-site, you can give visitors a great experience when they register and you can easily gathering information from them. You can even have a subdomain on the website for your B2B event in your own look and feel.

You want to visit an African B2B event near you?

Africa is rising. The business drive can be felt at many, many places in Africa. You want to be part of it and want to network with your fellow African movers and shakers powering businesses across many different industries? Looking for an event near you in your field of interest? Look on the site, register or keep updated by our company websites and pages on social media or newsletter.

Why are we stimulating Africa B2B live events?

Africa Business Communities connects African Business Professionals with each other. We have built online B2B communities with more than 1 million African Professionals (LinkedIn groups). As everywhere, online match making is useful, but the real live handshake makes the business energy flowing. One cannot live without the other, the efficiency of the online environment with the right feeling of the offline meeting. The emphasis of Africa Networking Events is on the live meeting and networking of the fellow executives, entrepreneurs, business owners or any other person that is commercially interesting to meet. Less powerpoints, more networking, that is our philosophy. Business meets business, especially for the smaller and medium sized businesses engaged in Africa.

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